Sunday, February 26, 2012


And I have added a new page, titled Nicaragua, to post pictures and stories about my trips to this beautiful country.

New stuff.....

I added a page of "Zen Doodles". And I've posted a few photographs below. Some I have altered abit with Photoshop and some ar just the way I shot them with my little Olympus, Stylus - which I love because it is small and the battery packs are small (no double A's to carry around); and which I hate because there is no view finder, so it is nearly impossible in bright sunlight to see what you are shooting. My husband's Digital Nikon takes great photos but is a bear to haul around. Would like to take it w/ me to Nica this year - just am not sure it is worth the extra weight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Skaneateles, Ny -  altered w/ Photoshop E9

Montreal - altered photo

San Diego Zoo

Alley way in Old Towne Montreal

Altered photo of Lily - Nicaraqua

Old Factory, Syracuse, NY - altered photo

A new year and new interests has been a long time since I have posted anything. The days continue to fly by. I have a new grand-daughter Avery Theresa McMahon, born September 14th. Her daddy, my son Micheal was deployed to Afghanistan in January. My daughter and her three children are still living us although she swears she is heading back to Georgia in June, she still hates our winters here in upstate NY. And I can not really blame her. My latest obsessions are planning my retirement to Nicaragua - sometime in the next 5 months to 5 years, Rosetta stone (trying desperately to learn Spainish, Pinterest and doodling or Zen Doodling or whatever. It is not very zen when I doodle because I have Netflix or someother psycho, serial killer show on while I doodle. But for what it is worth.... I am going to try and post some doodles, photos from Nica and my new grandbaby.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my Word!

Summer has just flowen by. It has certainly been an eventful one for us. My son was married in San Diego in July to a wonderful girl named Bethany Anastasio. The whole wedding was just beautiful - her family was wonderful. Much of my family was able to fly out from the east coast and we had a mini-family reunion. And just last week my daughter and her three children (and cat) moved from Georgia to live with us for a while. It has been great to have my grandkids here - they are Devon who just turned 13yo and Aamyia who is 7yo and RJ who is 2yo and they are smart and well behaved and while my household has been turned upside down and certainly my poor cats are not happy about the kids or Jack the cat I am certain we are all up for the adventure. So needless to say I have not had much time to sew. Missed all but the last day of Quilting by the Lake and then only was able to view the quilt show and spend a few dollars at the vendors. I did finish "At the Beach". My husband says it is good enough to show - I am not so sure. But over all I am happy with it.

And I have have started another one I think I am going to call "In the Garden".
The bird house and butterfly were handpainted using Setacolor paints and the back ground fabric with Tsukineko inks. This is very different kind of quilt for me. Rather "cute" but so far I am happy with it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it spring yet?

I cannot believe it is April 21st already. It has been raining and cold the last 2 days, but the sun is out now. I worked 64+ hours last week and attended one day of a two day conference in Saratogo Springs on "Winning Rural Campaigns". My husband and I are political junkies - he ran the campaign for the democratic candidate for our Congressional District last fall. He lost but then we live in a very republican district. Anyway...I missed the speeches by Patterson and Cuomo Friday nite because I did not get out of the ER until after 11pm. But did attend two of the seminars on Saturday which were very informative. After lunch and more speeches we went to a great garden shop in Saratogo Springs called Hidden Gardens Extraordinary Floral Designs that was just filled with concrete statues of angel, frogs, rabbits, and beautiful rusted objects such as wirley gigs and urns. I wish had had the forethought to take a picture. I bought a frog and a rabbit and an ?orb. I did clean up two of my garden beds and sifted a pile of compost. Needless to say, I have not done much sewing, although I did finish an "altered sweatshirt" - I just needed to finish the binding around the bottom and the sleeves. The sweatshirt is an XL - so way to big for me, so I will put it up for sale on Artfire.
And I am still fussing over the Nic quilt - I decided to put a center block in and now cannot decide if I want to add pictures of people from my trip printed on fabric or to add abstract designs/embellishments.

I am leaving for an Internal Medicine conference tomorrow, so I hope to get a chance to go to a few fabric stores and I will worry about this quilt when I get back.
Happy Spring!

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The secrets of blogging.

I am not going to complain that it snowed all day and the temperature is only 30 degrees. I therefore had no excuse - not to clean house (a little) and then I spent the last 2 hours reconfiguring my blogpage - I wanted 3 columns and after trying to just modify the original template, I found a website that was very easy to use and has a host of information: They even had the same basic template, Dots, and except for not being able to figure out how to copy my "widgets" into the new template, I think it looks fine. And I didn't have that much added yet, so it wasn't that hard to just find my pictures and the other add-ons. I even found the widget to add my favorite Bloggers. Now if I can just fiqure out how to add a categories list....

I started a canvas book - see I will photograph these and add them. The trick will be to add them in-line with the blogposts.

Ha! I did it!

Next I will fiqure out how to enlarge when someone - points and clicks on the image. Regarding the collages - I was pretty satisfied - again felt a little scattered but over all I was pleased with these. Just have to bind them in some reasonable order. These two are my favorites. I even made my own pear and chicakdee stamps. Much fun.

That is all for now. Stay warm!


PS - Oh my goodness... if you add a image to the middle of the blog, it automatically enlarges if you point and click. I like this so much better than trying to maintain a webpage.

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